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Composite Decking, Cladding and Fencing FAQs

Your frequently asked questions answered
Is my decking slippery in the winter?



When laying our decking we apply a slight fall to help water drain off therefore minimising freezing on the surface. We do however recommend you take care and that if using your deck frequently during wet/cold weather to have the boards laid narrow site up as this provides maximum traction.


Will my new composite product rot or splinter?



All our composite protects come with a full manufactures guarantee which includes any faults such as rotting or splintering.

Due to the make up of the product this should not happen anyway as the bonding agent used is a high strength resin based glue.

How do I keep my composite product clean?



We recommend the manufactures specific product cleaner which you can purchase through us, alternativly you can use simple soap water to get most stains removed.

Some customers have advised us that they even mop their decking after a good brush.


How long will it take to install my new composite decking?



This will depend of which service you have chosen for s to carry out. Our simple re-deck service can normally be fully completed within 1 day.

Our Full New Deck service, which includes a new base system normally takes between 2 and 4 days depending in the size and location of the deck.

Will my composite products fade over time?



All our composite products are UV stable and therefore are not effected by sunlight, this is also included within the manufacturers guarantee.

However, over long periods of time (years) we advise that items left in the same location get rotated around.


Can I use my new decking straight after installation?



Yes! As soon as ours install team have left you can use your new deck.

Also, if you ask them nicely they will even help you move furniture, plant pots and other items back on your deck before they leave.

What colours are availability and can my deck match my fence?



Our full composite product range comes in the same colours and therefor you can match decking, cladding and fencing together.

Our full colour listings are on Our Colours page, why not order yourself some FREE SAMPLES while you are looking.